Thursday, July 17, 2014

Solutions looking for problems

According to Laura Johannes, WSJ, July 8, 2014, there are devices out there to stop big bites from itching by applying a zap of heat or electricity.

Not much of this has been tested in any meaningful way--the idea is that the zap gives the body something else to worry about or intercepts the itch sensation.

Terapik costs $13 or so and you aim infrared at your bite for 30 secs. It heats the bite to 140 degrees.

Biteaway from Germany runs about $35 to $60 and uses hot metal to stop the itch.

Hot metal, huh? In some states, that would be illegal.

Therapik claims to neutralize venom. But docs say it wouldn't unless it was hot enough to burn the skin.

Good grief, people! A swab of rubbing alcohol, calamine or maybe even a salve with a pain-relieving agent. Drugstores everyplace!

Wise up.

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