Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ta ta to your ta-tas?

I watch that E! "reality" show called BOTCHED about bad plastic surgery. Often, women need their breast implants removed or the procedure revised.

Plastic surgeon Robert Kraft, MD, in Fresh Meadows, NY, (not a part of the show), says 20,000 removals are done each year in the US.

Usually the implant has ruptured or collagen fibers have grown around it, giving it that stuck-on tennis ball look.

Breast implants, sadly, are not designed to be forever. Sometimes women change their minds, too. The implant may wrinkle under the skin. Or an allergy may develop. Or the breasts may become uneven or more uneven. Or the implants may be painful.

The surgery is same-day--you go home afterward. If new implants are not being inserted, the physician must lift the tissue to look more natural.

You may also need drains and a compression bandage or bra for a time.

This is surgery, as they point out on BOTCHED, not a spa treatment.

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