Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, June 25, 2014, says people who blab WAY too much at the office are oversharers.

Their coworkers may try to hide or else move to the center of the room hoping others listening in will curb this.

Three workers out of five have an oversharer around. That is a lot of discussions of sex or disease. Or divorce. Or spendy purchases.

The types are:

The Blunderer--this one does not notice that the listener is cringing or making excuses to escape.

The Narcissist--surely everyone wants every detail of his or her life. (Facebook)

The Patient--all the gory or gross details.

The Storyteller--can tackle almost any topic.

The Worrier--tries to blot anxiety with chatter.

The True Confessor--not afraid to talk about ANYTHING.

Of course, we want to shape how others see us--but feel free to conceal deep personal details.

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Star Lawrence said...

On the Fox show THE FIVE, the "liberal" Bob Beckel is the hugest oversharer--they talked about this story and he said he overshares because when he was a kid if he talked his father beat him--overshare!!! Some people don't get it.