Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Your Ma wears army shoes

Or maybe she SHOULD wear army shoes.  A third of men and half of women wear shoes that don't fit--according to a UK study (reported in the WSJ, July 16, 2014).

Just the other day, my sister was holding out her feet and lamenting her bunions. "My feel look like Mom's," she groaned.

Yet, she is always saying her feet hurt, she can't walk too far in a certain pair of shoes, and so on.

Me, I am mostly barefoot. Yet, my big old boats have gone from an 8 to a 9 in past years.

They still have those silver foot measuring things, I guess, but you can also outline a shoe and then step on the outline barefoot--if your foot lops over the line--the shoe is too small.

Average sizes are creeping up--be warned.

Stilettos are a bad injury causer. But all shoes have bad potential--even flats. Flats provide no support and stretch the tendon in the back of your leg.

Shop of shoes late in the day, when your foot is larger. Some online buyers try several sizes.

Remember those funny stools salespeople sat on to put a shoe on your foot--well, they still do and the foot going in the shoe should make a certain "shwoosh"--good fit.

I remember those huge x-ray machines that showed your green toes in the shoe. They didn't last long--too much radiation. Yet, I know no one with toe cancer.

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