Thursday, July 10, 2014


Crummy economy, crazy govt, global hot or is it cold, tots crying to get into the country, terrorists--having any trouble sleeping?

For 60 million Americans sleepless nights are a regular problem. This can lead to irritability, bad performance, or health problems. Insomnia is not just trouble falling asleep, but also trouble staying asleep, or falling back to sleep. It's chronic if it happens three nites a week for three mos.

Dr Larisa Wainer, Morris Psychological Group in Parsnippany NJ, has some dos and don'ts.


Keep a schedule--go to bed at the about the same time, same for waking. This includes weekends.

Wind down for 30 mins. Keep the room cool and dark. No electronics.

If you start worrying, jot down what you are thinking. This sort of "takes care" of it.


Drink caffeine or alcohol in the latter part of the day. Same for a heavy meal.

Don't clockwatch. If you are lying there awake for 20 mins, get up and do something else.

Also--I have a Teddy bear. Maybe it's just me. But he's a pretty effective anti-terrorist device.

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