Wednesday, August 20, 2014

99 and 44-100ths percent gone

Floating awaaayyyy
One hundred and thirty-five years ago, Procter & Gamble marketed a white bar of soap that floated in the tub.


Now, this iconic soap may be sold along with almost 100 other P&G brands. They have decided to concentrate on the moneymakers--and moneymakers to come.

Makes sense. But sob! Our past! Now, people like those fancy-schmancy body washes and liquid soaps. They don't take baths as  much--who cares about floating.

One woman said she liked Ivory because it did not leave a residue on her kids--who wants kids covered with a residue? But she also said she would not miss it that much.

I personally never liked Ivory--it was supposed to be so mild, but always felt kind of harsh. Soap used to be made with lye--not the gentlest of substances--and I thought it was 99 and 44/100ths percent lye.

That was a genius slogan, though. The exactness was so catchy.

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