Friday, August 29, 2014

Bad feet--how about some good shoes?

Everyone around me seems to be limping--something about feet... I mentioned this to my bud Yocheved, who does another wacky medical site -- care tip

She shot back that I should try Aetrex shoes... So check out

They are a little spendy (try the Outlet section) and she says you have to get used to them--sit and wiggle your feet inside for a while. But the may be the answer to some ailments.

Aetrex says what we have posted here several times--you need the right shoe size.

You should not wear heels all the time, ladies.

At night, knead your feet and put on some good quality foot cream.

Wear socks with copper fibers.

More at

oot care tips everyone should know!
Foot Pain is Not Normal -

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