Friday, August 08, 2014

Ban toenail fungus with special polish?

Comes  in 16 colors...

Ew--toenail fungus. All green and cracked and disgusting.

Laura Johannes, WSJ, Aug 5, 2014, says this gunk defies even medical treatment by a doc.

But now comes a claim from daniPro of a polish that contains an anti-fungal--undecylenic acid.

The idea is get a podiatrist to "cure" the fungus and then the doc (or you) paints this polish on to prevent a recurrence--it's pretty, like ordinary polish.

Alas, this may not prevent an active case of the cruds. But it might keep them from coming back or getting going in the first place.

Fungus is amongus--locker room floors, bathrooms, even your shoes.

You need a doc to sand down the icky cracked green stuff, this removing some of it. Some podiatrists use this polish.

It's $25 a throw.

Dunno--sounds like a half measure to me, but this fungus stuff is stubborn and ugly. Maybe half gone or covered over is OK.

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