Friday, August 22, 2014

Do you like clear food packages?

Plain brown wrapper with window?
A friend went to the store and emailed me this morning that everything is up, up, up. Now that is a real problem.

The Wall Street Journal tackled a lesser evil the other day in a story by Sue Shellenbarger on see-through food packaging.

The idea is that shoppers like to see what's inside.

The problem is that after being shipped, shelved and busted around, what's inside might not look so hot.

Clear packages must also fuse layers in some cases--to keep out sunlight and so on. You don't want a granola bar turning green. Or maybe you do, I don't know you.

The orange juice people seem to think clear jugs make the stuff look fresher.

With chips, they often put a clear window, so you don't see the bottom of the bag where the broken ones lurk.

How can they cover up the fact that many containers are half or three-quarters full for the same price?

How about non-see-through bags?


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