Thursday, August 14, 2014

How many bites do you take a day?

I don't know why I remember some of this supercilious drek, but I once heard that caterers figure 12 bites per person when allotting food.

Sumath Reddy, WSJ, Aug 12, 2014, says there is now a Bite Monitor, worn on the wrist, that tells you how many bites you take in a day.

One hundred is considered ideal for men and women, according to researchers at Clemson Univ  in South Carolina. The device may be ready to nag people in a year.

Another device is a "talking plate" that measures how fast you eat--coming this fall for $250.

You can already get the HAPIfork--which flashes a red signal if you eat bites less than 10 secs apart.

Eating fast means eating too much.

Chewing is important--it contributes to satiety. Ten to 20 chews a mouthful are recommended. Seriously?

I think we need talking food instead. What would you do if a hot dog screamed and begged "Don't eat meeeee."

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