Monday, August 11, 2014

Losing weight not key to happiness

This should not be too surprising--at least it wasn't to me. I have lost large amounts of poundage three times in my life--expecting great changes...and it wasn't a cureall emotionally or socially.

A study at the University College of London, published in PLOS ONE, looked at almost 2,000 overweight and obese people in the UK.

Those who lost 5% of their weight in 4 years showed significantly improved physical health, but were more likely to report "low mood"  than participants who stayed at their original weight.

They were 52% more likely to report depression, other depressing factors considered.

Losing weight does not instantly improve all aspects of life.

First, speaking from experience, if people of the opposite sex suddenly start taking an interest, you may be bitter--hey, you had your chance, you shallow bum.

People say you look fabulous--does this mean I looked like a fat hag before?

If people say why didn't you do this sooner--you probably did.

And the one I hate--"You have such a pretty face--now the body to match." Oh, can it!

People with weight issues can be very cranky.

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