Monday, August 04, 2014

OK, I have had enough!

My mother was a home economics teacher for six months before getting married and becoming our mother.

She was not a cake and pie baker--we rarely had dessert except fruit cocktail or something. But sometimes she would jump up in the evening and say, "Let's make fudge." This is because she liked fudge.

So we got baked goods at school--at birthday parties and bake sales. Oh, those lemon bars, Toll House cookies, cupcakes, etc that other moms made--ambrosia.

But now--yoh boy--every busybody up to the federal level is getting involved in ruining school treats.

Stephanie Armour, WSJ, Aug 2-3, 2104, says the feds are requiring nutrition levels in bake sales.

This is the work of our First Lady. She, of course, eats dessert--I am not sure of her bake sale attendance.

The home goods have to meet fat, salt, sugar--every requirement an agile bureaucratic mind can come up with. Even popcorn can't be buttery and salty.

A 4-oz fruit cup might be OK. So we're back to the fruit cocktail, are we? No! Too sugary.

This is so dumb. So dumb it makes my teeth grow hair. Bands, teams--they depend on these sales--what are they supposed to sell--those overpriced Toblerone thingies? Oh-no--those would probably be verboten, too.

But it does bring up a point--more prepackaged stuff will be sold because the nutritional info is on those.

Fudge that!

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