Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Super parent or eccentric parent?

Have you seen the show Guide to Extreme Parenting (Bravo)? It's a stitch. Makes most parents feel absolutely yoda-like.

I have only seen one episode so far--Mom and Dad, obviously rich, rented out their McMansion and took their four kids on the road--for 3.5 YEARS and presumably forever! Campgrounds, picnic tables, thermoses, cadging showers from friends.

When the one little boy, a solemn and intelligent fellow, wanted Legos, good old Dad said OK, but you have to give away some other toy. Sure enough, he snatched some bags of toys from the lad and headed to the nearest thrift shop.

Finally, the mother worked her wiles and talked pop into buying a luxurious trailer, with kitchen, beds, etc. Of course, the give away the toys rule was to stay in effect.

My own childhood was shall we say, mixed, but not this weird.

Now, a University of Kansas researcher says there are other forms of mental problems that can arise after the birth of a child. One of these is pressure to be a super parent.

Fathers often don't get leave or don't take it--this freaks them out.

I go with the comedian Roseanne--in her early standup she had a line: "When he gets home and the kids are still alive, I have done my job."

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