Monday, August 25, 2014

The Yawn: Six seconds to energy

Jonathan D. Rockoff, WSJ, Aug 19, 2014, writes about that mysterious practice of yawning. People do it, animals, even thinking about it can make you yawn.

Hey--don't yawn now--this is  my blog!

Yawning has many reasons and roles, according to a University of Texas health researcher.

Yawning used to be believed to be a need for a burst of oxygen. And it's not just because of boredom--people yawn before parachuting out of a plane.

The new theory is that yawning keeps the brain cool in temperature. They tested this my putting probes into rat brains. The rats yawned after a slight temp raise. (And probably because they were tired of being probed.)

Another study showed people yawn more in summer. Hot--got it.

The contagion of yawning--seeing someone yawn makes you yawn--may be an attempt to make everybody alert.

Here comes that sabertooth--yawn up everybody!

Sounds to me like quite a few theories. Yawn.

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