Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ticked off

I was thinking the other day about the wildlife that has attacked us since we moved to Arizona. Wasps, bees, ticks, Army ants. The dog tick thing was awful--we had to spray the whole yard, the ticks were in my bed.

But at least dog ticks don't carry diseases like deer ticks (Lyme Disease).

Michael Dryden, DVM, PhD, is a university professor of diagnostic medicine and pathology at Kansas State's School of Veterinary Medicine--and a huge tick expert. According to him--

Apparently Kansas is "tick central."

First, a tick is not a bug--it's an arachnid--related to a spider. Eight legs.

Ticks do not jump out of trees and get on you. They grab on a low branch or bush and wave their legs around until they grab you. They like shaded areas.

No, you do not have to burn or apply heat to a tick to get it out of your skin. Pull--a tweezer helps. Burning makes it inject more saliva and thus perhaps more pathogens.

You do not have to get the "head" out--that is really the mouth parts anyhow.

All animal tick repellents are not the same. Different ones work with different pets--and different ticks. Follow directions--esp on children in the case of say, DEET.

I miss the city. Oh, that's right--roaches.

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