Tuesday, August 05, 2014

What's after Zumba?

Rachel Bachman, WSJ, July 29, 2014, tries to suss out what craze will come after the beloved Zumba.

Gyms everyplace ponder this--they need something snappy, with a backstory (maybe ethnicity), that's fun and won't injure.

One new thing is the Disq--which adds strength to movement.

Group exercise brings people to the gym more often--and they renew more often.

The Disq hooks cords around arms and legs--you control the resistance. A former speedskater invented it--the good narrative.

It's male-friendly--the class is called Transformer with Disq.

It's quick--45 mins.

For now, the Crunch chain is using it--but only for 6 mos and for now, only in NY.

By the way--Pogostick Boot Camp tanked.

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