Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Why do morning meds make some people sick?

I have hypertension, or so they tell me. I have taken pills for it for 25 years. If I go to the doc and my BP is elevated, they take it again later in the encounter and if it's still high, may add a pill or new method of control--blocking ACEs (wha?), betas, or calcium channels.

I also have atrial fibrillation--irregular heartbeat from heaven knows what. The rhythm regulator almost killed me--days and days in the hospital, and the blood thinner made my retina bleed and four surgeries, later, blind right eye.

So now I take an aspirin for that afib and call it a day.

Still, when I had pneumonia, they tried to tag me with congestive heart failure and added a second diuretic pill and to counter that, a potassium pill the size of a hot dog.

I also take two Tylenol for arthritic knees--in the interest of walking, or as I call it, gimping.

If I throw all this stuff down in the AM, I am reeling with nausea for hours. I can't hop up to get something without a major wobble.

A friend my same age has the same problem. We are trying to space out our pills. Some people just quit some.

Then the docs and "experts" scold about patients who don't take meds according to instructions.

I would prefer not to stroke out or fall over or be blind--but some of this is awful.

The docs are mostly 40s and 50s or younger--they just call it in and you go off and deal.

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Star Lawrence said...

First, they are looking at the 120/80 BP recommendation--maybe for older people it needs to be higher so oxygen can get to the top floor. Second older bods can't break down meds as well--esp time-release. And maybe taking everything in a wad lowers BP too much!