Friday, September 12, 2014

Babies born in winter crawl sooner--or so they say

There is a new study at the Univ of Haifa in Israel that seems to show babies born between December and May start crawling sooner than those born June-November.

Small study--fewer than 30 babies. They used the reliable Alberta Infant Motor Scale (AIMS) measure of development.

The average age of crawling was 31 weeks. Babies born in winter crawled off at an average of 30 weeks. The summer-born at 35 weeks.

The bigger the difference between winter and summer in a place, the more this held. In a cold place like Canada with a lot of indoor heating, the difference was not pronounced.

What does this mean? Just interesting. Maybe it's cold on the floor and they learn to crawl fast to a warmer place.  

What does crawling itself mean? Your life will never be the same. Wait'll walking. These little suckers are fast!

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