Friday, September 05, 2014

Dangers to babies on planes

Scott McCartney, WSJ, Aug 21, 2014, takes on an awful subject--the death of babies on airlines.

Wait wait--inflight pediatric deaths are VERY rare, don't panic. They occur mostly on long flights between continents.

But--the reasons for many are unclear.

Some get tossed out of their parent's lap by turbulence.  Sleeping in an adult's arms can result in smothering.

Oxygen levels are lower in planes--this may affect some little respiratory systems.

Infants are protected better closer to the window seat.

Carseats are recommended for babies under age 2, but carseats are heavy and you haved to buy a ticket.

Talk to your doctor--if your child has asthma, respiratory or heart issues--he or she may need oxygen. See what's involved.

There is a device called LapKidz--light easy to use--but not approved for takeoffs and landings--just durings.

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