Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dr Beep Beep

Elisabeth Rosenthal, NYT, Sept 20, 2014, writes about computers and artificial intelligence replacing our doctors.

There are all sorts of gadgets now you can put on your phone to look into ears, check blood alcohol, heart rate. There are home cholesterol kits.

But does this promote better health?

One expert said so far the outcomes have been sorta disappointing.

Those fitness trackers are fun--but where does the info lead? To guilt? To fear?

The ability to collect data has already outpaced medical understanding, is how Rosenthal put it.

MRIs can show bulging disks--yet the patient is fine--do you treat the MRI?

Technology is just a tool.

Today I am reluctantly going to a specialist. I hate going to doctors. They make you feel fat and stupid. I asked to TALK only. Not be sent for "tests" just to get me out of the office.

Gosh, what could go wrong? I wish it were a smartphone!

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