Monday, September 22, 2014

Even without kids, couples eat dinner at home

Somehow the notion got started that empty nesters or couples with no kids lead a glam life--tripping from restaurant to restaurant.

Now, researchers in Ohio looked at 14,000 adults, comparing households with kids to those without. Apparently Ohio is representative of the whole US.

Studies have shown that kids in families that dine together regularly experience health benefits. Would this hold true of adults? (J of Public Health Nutrition)

Half the households in the US have no minor children. The survey asked during the past week, on how many days did your family eat at least one meal at your home or residence?

Half of the Ohio families ate at home 6-7 nights a week. Surprisingly this included couples with no kids.

Could it be the cost of eating out, the lack of convenience of going out?

More work needs to be done, vowed the researchers.

How about you? My kid (well, she's 32) works nights--is not here. We never eat together. That put us in the 5-7% of groupings that don't.

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