Monday, September 29, 2014

Groceries by mail?

According to Eric Katz, Government Executive, Sept 24, 2014, the US Postal Service is rolling out a pilot program to deliver groceries to people between 3 am and 7 am. They are calling this Customized Delivery (which says nothing, in my opinion--why do they NEVER ask me to name?)

This will only be in a few cities--not yet announced.

You don't have to wake up--they will leave it without knocking or ringing. Hmmm. This BETTER be pretty nice cities.

This will be tested for two yrs unless it's a clear loser.

Nice to be optimistic, isn't it?

I get groceries delivered from Safeway--$50 minimum. If I give them four hours to get here--it's $7 tacked on. Less time, more tacked on.

I do it for bulky (paper towels, tissue) or heavy stuff (kitty litter). It works pretty well and I hope they don't end it. The guys are really nice and put everything in the garage or wherever without eyerolling. And tipping is forbidden.

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