Friday, September 19, 2014

Here's an idea--exercise instead of drugs for ADHD kids

Of course, it's not that simple. Some kids have weird brain wiring, apparently. But personally I think a lot of children are just "a handful." They spin in place, whirl about, never still for an instant. I used to offer my daughter a quarter if she could stop moving for 15 mins.

They have lots of energy, certainly more than grown people. And if you put a child and a grownup in a room, the child will drain the grownup. We all know this.

Sumath Reddy, WSJ, Sept 9, 2014, says they did a study that showed that half an hour of strenuous exrcise before school helped ADHD kids be more attentive. Online at J of Abnormal Child Psychology.

Many schools incorporate short bursts of activity for all kids. I think this is good.

Sure, some kids may still "require" meds--but I think this should be looked into.

At least with your own child--maybe a walk (I mean, scamper or furious trike pedal) before dinner?

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