Wednesday, September 24, 2014

If you sleep during surgery, you could be sorry

Who are you again?
You will have no idea what the heck is going on. Yet, unconsciousness, shall we say, is a must in most surgeries. Sooooo....

Elisabeth Rosenthal, NYT, Sept 20. 2014, tells an extremely long "who shot John" story about a guy who negotiated payments to his hospital, anesthesiologist, and orthopedist before neck surgery--but was rather shocked to get a $117,000 bill from some doctor he never heard of and never consented to.

The man was in pain, sick, scared, had negotiated and called around--and still, bam!

This even has a name--driveby doctoring. In this case, the guy was an assistant surgeon brought in.. This made him out of network--meaning a huge fee.

The patient ended up paying $3K--on a $6,200 bill (negotiated).

You can be lying on a gurney before surgery or after and every face you see may bill. Or docs may drop by and ask how you are--wait for it--they will bill. Who called them? No one ever knows.

This whole deal is wacky! I remember having a eye infection and they put tape on the lid to keep it closed--the rate they wanted to cut that tape in a crescent and slap it on was $6,500. they didn't get it, but you see where I am going.

One guy with back surgery was billed by 10 providers in 24 hours.

The person who walks you to the john after surgery may be a physical therapist who wants $400 for this little stroll.

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