Thursday, September 04, 2014

One old doctor watching out for you

An allergist named Joseph Leija, MD, performs the Gottlieb Allergy Count for us.

He is concerned about the flooding in the Midwest of the US--bad in recent days. The Gottlieb Count is very high for mold (Alert!) nothing for trees, low for grass and high for weeds.

One in five people have an allergy or asthma. Fewer than half of those with asthma have not been taught what their triggers are.

Staying indoors, running the air, and taking prescribed allergy meds prevent trouble.

Every day at 4 am, Dr. Leija, 84, climbs the stairs to the rooftop of the Gottlieb Memorial Hosp just outside Chicago and catches pollen.

Then he looks at it under a microscope. And puts out the results for free.

If you have asthma you need to know your triggers--same for allergies. We can't have rain and mold everyplace without consequences.

To get the count, call 1-866-4-POLLEN.

4 your own good.

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