Friday, September 26, 2014

Warm bottled water in your car--don't drink it

Everyone has half-full bottles of water lying around in their car, boat, or garage.

At the University of Florida, they did a study on bottled water from China. Hello? Dollar Store?

Plastic bottles are made of polyethylene terephthatlate--when warm, this releases antimony and bisphenol A--BPA.

Bad stuff.

The FDA continues to study this,  but even at Mayo they think this may be bad for children.

In the study, worst case scenarios were tested--16 brands at 158 degrees F for four weeks.

Only one exceeded the EPA standard for antimony and BPA. Other brands--who knows?

The longer stored in a hot place--the worse. A garage or car trunk in summer perhaps?

My sister sips hot GatorAid--bleh. To me it tastes like sweat lemonade.

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