Tuesday, September 02, 2014

What about "puke" pops?

Laura Johannes, WSJ, Aug 26, 2104, writes about lollipops that reportedly cut nausea.

I need these. Wonder if they work. I have heard of hard candy for morning sickness so maybe.

These are called Preggie Naturals ($5.95 for 15) and Natural Chews. Queasy Pops are for chemo patients.

They contain Vitamin B6, among other relievers such as ginger.

Ginger has quite a good rep in the nausea area. But the amount in these candies seems to be fairly low.

When I take my morning BP pills, I think my ACEs don't want to be blocked, nor do my betas. I get the urps.

I have been taking an over the counter chew called Nauzene--which works pretty well. Or maybe it's just a big ole placebo, who knows.

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