Friday, October 03, 2014

App lets you volunteer to save a life

I saw a news story about an infant who stopped breathing. He and his mother were in a store. They tried everything to help him--but a man who knew CPR in an office a block away had a phone app that alerted him when someone needed CPR--he ran the block and saved the baby!

Sometimes there is no time to wait for am ambulance.

There are at least two of these apps--GoodSAM and PulsePoint.

The GoodSAM has two versions--the alerter and the responder. Those with an emergency can call for help with the Alerter--giving their exact location and calling the EMTs. The Responder is owned by people with specialized training--so they can be alerted.

PulsePoint is aimed mostly at cardiac events--those who can resuscitate are wanted.

We need more of this. It takes a village...

Go to or for more info.

Finally--a good use for those darn phones!

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