Thursday, October 09, 2014

Ebola "care" or Ebola "scare"

I am not sure what to make of this epidemic (so far in Africa not the US). It has been known for a long time but suddenly we are being "informed."

I see those lines of bureaucrats waiting to gloss and lie, and my heart sinks. If you listen to what they say, they are pretty clueless. The virus has already mutated hundreds of times--who says no symptoms means not contagious. Who says a sneeze won't convey particles?

A nurse in Spain, presumably properly garbed, got it she says by touching her face with her gloved hand. That seems pretty spready t me!

That freelance camera man was supposedly washing a car that had held a patient. Why would he be doing that...but that might be what our precious soldiers would do...How safe are they? My BS alarm went off on that one!

Now were are going to check temperatures at five airports--but not stop traffic to those with W. African passports, no matter where they come from on an earlier leg of their journey here. There are already reports of people loading up on Ibuprofen so they will have no fever and can get to a good American hospital.

About that temp-taking. Will they use that electronic thing that goes across your forehead? What if the takers are sloppy--and spread sweat from one person to another? What happens if you do have a temp--frogmarched to a hospital or holding pen in the airport?

See where I am going? None of this is thought through.

I recently contacted the AZ public health people about my kid's paralyzed arm--could it be a case of the other scary virus D68 in an adult? Some nurse wrote back that it couldn't be because there were no cases in AZ. Well, maybe this was one...

Oh, she also told me to take my daughter to a doctor. My daughter had already taken herself to one--they had no clue what was wrong with her. But thanks for the tip.

Don't forget--those doctor waiting rooms and those hospitals are full of sick people, too.

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