Friday, October 17, 2014

Going someplace? You may need shots

The big woo at the moment is Ebola--but not that many people will be yearning to go to West Africa, and world travel will continue.

The advice is--book your shots when you book your flight.

You may need to check with your doctor or travel clinic 4-6 weeks before departure to complete your vaccinations. This according to Caroline Sullivan, DNP, assistant prof at Colunbia Univ School of

First, find out what vaccinations are recommended for your destination. South America--You may want Yellow Fever or Typhoid Fever protection. Travel to part of Africa--rabies or meningitis. The State Dept can provide more info.

Also, be sure you have current routine vaccinations. If you didn't get Tdap--whooping cough, tetanus and diphtheria (was DTP), you may want it. If you are over 60, consider the pneumonia shot or shingles shot. Shingles on vacation could be a buzzkill.

You may also want to take along meds for malaria, altitude sickness, and motion sickness--depending on where you are going.

Insect protection is also good.

When you get there, drink only sealed drinks and fruit you peel.

Of course, there is always Disney World for the faint of heart.

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