Thursday, October 02, 2014

My daughter's paralyzed arm--I wonder...D68?

While everyone is screaming and clucking over Ebola, another mysterious virus is attacking little kids, putting some in the ICU.

Hundreds if not thousands have been affected thus far.

They call it non-polio enterovirus D68--it begins with cold/flu symptoms, then can cause a "limp" or as one doctor said, more accurately, a paralyzed arm or leg.

Sometimes this does go away, I heard some "expert" on TV say--the whole thing is most weird.

Some months ago, my 32-yr-old daughter complained of a stiff neck--then she could not lift her left arm above shoulder height.

We gave it plenty of time to resolve--6-8 weeks...She could not fix her hair, get things from a shelf...etc.

I cried my eyes out everyday.

Finally, on her day off from Wendy's, she went to the ER--they called in neurologists (who showed up!), did an MRI etc. They were stumped. They said get on Medicaid then get a nerve test called an EMG--to see which nerves were affected.

I paid cash for her to get an orthopedist consult--they said it was not orthopedic.

She did not qualify for Medicaid--$7.50 an hr is too princely--and now there is a stack of bills...

But--the virus or whatever it was let loose--one day, her arm would lift. She walked in, "By the way, Mom..." She raised her hand all the way up!

So--doctors--could this not affect adults, too. Somehow get through immune systems?

I think there is a chance. Pass it on.

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Star Lawrence said...

A science writer I know had something similar--brachial plexus neuropathy. The brachial plexus nerve gets attacked by a virus--could be flu, anything--and paralyzes the arm. She said it can come back--but not as severely. Why didn't those docs think of this? There is also a genetic thing can can crop up. So it's probably autoimmmune in nature. The body attacking itself.