Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Some hospitals more likely to recommend C-section

According to Angela Davis, writing for CBS Minnesota, says researchers at the Univ of Minnesota and Harvard have looked at C-sections nationwide, and whether you get one depends more on the hospital than your medical condition.

They checked out childbirths at 1,300 hospitals in 46 states. The likelihood of C-Section varied between 19% and 48%.

In other words, a woman could walk into one hospital and stand an 11% chance of surgery and that same woman in another hospital could have a more than one in three chance of a section.

You may know your doctor, but you probably don't know your hospital's take on C-sections. You need to ask.

I remember my pre-delivery classes--they joked that if you didn't read the chapter n C-sections, you would end up with one.

I didn't read it--and I did.

But I also had huge fibroids--the baby could never have gotten out. They apologized for not seeing those on the sonogram.

Yeah, cool.

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