Thursday, October 23, 2014

The doctor hunt is on

My doctor is no longer taking my Medicare Advantage plan. Oh, goody.

I liked this guy and rarely see a doc more than once. He is a Physician Assistant, too, not even a medical doctor.

My plan has two networks of doctors--I called the networks and tried to get lists of docs within 10 miles of me. They tried to turf me back to the plan, but I persisted. Each had four docs or physician groups.

Of that eight, five had either mistreated me in the past or my sister or my late mother. One doctor had a reprimand from the Medical Board for not recognizing a heart attack.

Of those two, one was another name for the group I had--that no longer wanted me.

So that left one.

At this point, I called my broker. He is going to see if I can change plans to one my PA takes.

So that is in play.

Are we having fun yet?

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