Thursday, October 30, 2014

The doctor hunt--new notes

As I reported (scroll down), my primary provider (actually a Physician Asst under supervision of a doctor) is no longer taking my Medicare Advantage plan.


I called the plan, as reported, and got some suggestions--which boiled down from eight to one when I looked into each doctor.

I also tagged up with my insurance broker--and he is searching for a new plan that will take my old doctor.

I also requested the 2015 Provider Book from my present plan. Imagine my surprise--it is almost half the thickness of the old one!

So...did the doctors quit because of chintzy reimbursements or did they fire docs because too many of their patients would not scurry from test to test or come to their "talking physicals" or fill in health histories only the CIA could love.

So I am pending. I have until Dec 7th. The problem is I did agree to tests in December and that doctor is no longer on my plan, either. If the tests require followup, I would have to find a new specialist.

This is completely aggravating--and probably not good for my health, either.

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