Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Think of those adorable teeth!

How exciting when a kid pops a tooth...all gleaming white and perfect. Then comes Halloween.

Certain types of candy can damage teeth--and I don't mean cavities.

Martin Hogan, DDS, division director of dentistry at Loyola, says he sees parents and kids undergoing pain and expense from Halloween candy.

First, hard candy. Kids don't suck and savor--they chomp, Hogan says.This can lead to cracked teeth, punctured gums (ack), and tender roofs of mouths. Lose the hard candy and substitute bags of pretzels or cheese-filled crackers. Sealed, of course.

Bubblegum or gumballs coat the teeth in a bath of sugar and can loosen teeth or braces. Maybe a candy with xylitol would help teeth (it can cause diarrhea, though).

Caramels--not only does it coat teeth with sugar, it can lodge between teeth and stay there. Wax lips don't.

Gummies--worms, bugs--can cause decay.

Taffy--oh, don't even! Sticks in teeth and braces.

How about packets of sunflower or or pumpkin seeds. peanuts?

I know, none of these substitutes sound fun. I agree. Still, as an adult, a broke a tooth on movie candy--and that was no joy ride either.

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