Monday, October 06, 2014

You can do your best parenting when kids are sick

I always felt like a real Mom when my daughter was sick. We had "sick" food I would get--pudding, crackers, Ginger ale, chicken soup. She looked forward to that even if she felt terrible. I would get out the little bed table we got at a yard sale.

Sometimes, I would give her back rubs or wash her with warm washcloths.

Here are some other tricks to make sick days go by faster.

Create a fort in the bed. Stack up pillows around the sick child and put a sheet or net over the top. Like a cave.

Make Jell-O in fun molds--this also gets liquid into the sick child.

Get out the coloring books, even if they have been outgrown.

In giving medicine, mix liquids with applesauce or a fruit smoothie--not too much, though--you want the child to finish it. Or find syrup that is already flavored--check out

My daughter remembers being home during the day--"I loved watching 'I Love Lucy,.'" she just told me.

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