Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Are your fingernails a mess?

Winter is tough on nails--according to Loyola dermatologist Rebecca Tung, MD. Stress, poor eating, cold weather--and pretty soon you are a mangled mess.

Some tips:

Don't overdo buffing--it can make nails thinner and weaker. No more than once a month.

Apply a base coat--prevents staining and gives polish something to cling to.

Don't use quick-dry polish. It can make nails weaker.

Also use a top coat--reduced chipping.

Use non-acetone removers. Moisturize the nails themselves.

No toluene, formaldehyde, and bibutyl phthalate.

If your nail person uses UV rays to dry no-chip gel polishes, at least use SPF 30 on your hands. The dangers of this sort of drying, if any, are not yet well known.

I am allergic to nail polish, so go bare. But I do take biotin when my claws get particularly flaky and brittle. It seems to make a diff.

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