Friday, November 14, 2014

"Larks" and "owls" not only types of "people"

My ex and my kid--night people. They happily stayed up until all hours--while I slept. In the morning, I was raring to go--and they were slug-a-beds. This is the "lark" (day) and "owl" (night) body clock thing.

Olga Khazan, The Atlantic, Nov 12, 2014, writes about this, telling the story of Erwin Schrodinger, the Austrian physicist, who turned down a prestigious speaking invitation saying he could not work in the morning. For him--they changed the time.

Now scientists in Russia think there are actually four chronotypes. The other two are people energetic morning and night and people who feel lethargic all day.

They studied 130 people (J of Personality and Individual Differences).

Twenty-nine (according to their questionnaires) were larks with high energy at 9 am than 9 pm. Forty-four were owls, who were opposite, going to bed two hours later.

But--there was a high energy group of 25 who felt spritely morning and evening. And 32 others who felt dozy morning and evening.

What bird name can we assign--albatross and peregrine falcon? Nah--that part needs work.

How about hummingbird for those who keep on ticking and turkey for the slugs?

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