Friday, November 21, 2014

Meet "Normal Barbie"

Her real name is The Lammily Doll...and her creator is a Pittsburgh graphic designer named Nickolay Lamm.

She is sturdily built, a few extra pounds around the hips, and comes with stickers of zits (see pix) and stretch marks that realistic tots can affix.

He is working on Normal Ken, too--chubby with some dirt stains, maybe. (Guys are grosser, Lamm notes, there are more things he could add.)

Lamm had his own body issues, trying like mad to get a 6-pack while being only 5'2" in HS.

His Mom loves Normal Barb.

No, you can't get it this Christmas at Toys R Us--but he has raised half a million and has 22,000 orders. Stay tuned.

To me, Abnormal Barbie's problem was she was nine "heads" high--and living people are about seven heads high. Elongated.

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