Thursday, November 06, 2014

NJ teen driver decal cutting accidents

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia studied the effects of New Jersey's Graduated Drive Licensing (GDL) decal over a two-yr period. Apparently, as published in the Am J of Preventive Medicine, the decal prevented 3,187 crashes compared with yrs without it.

In May 2010, Kyleigh's Law was implemented--all youths 16 to 20 holding a learner's permit or intermediate license had to display the decal on the front and back license plates.

The decals were meant to be seen by police so the officers could enforce teen requirements. In the first year, there was a 14% jump in citations.

New Jersey already had a low teen crash rate but managed to lower it more. Experts recommend all states enact a decal requirement and raise the age to 21.

Does your state have this?

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