Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Solved my doctor dilemma

In today's healthcare environment, everyone has a hobby: Trying to get and keep health insurance.

I was notified several weeks ago that my primary doctor no longer "took" my Medicare Advantage plan.

Since I pretty much don't get along with all doctors, and could tolerate this woman's Physician Assistant (he got me, would discuss studies, etc), I thought, "OH NO!"

In typical fashion, I fell apart, called my insurance broker, got him worked up, called my plan, called the doctors, got the book of providers, tried to find a plan that took him--on and on.

Hours of hideous atonal "hold music" drilling into my skull, chirpy interruptions--"We value your call..." and my favorite, "Since this is open season to change insurance, we are probably too busy to discuss insurance."

Finally, I got a woman who said, why not get another medical doctor in your Physician Assistant's group who takes the plan? This can vary within a practice, some take a plan, others don't. Oh.

I changed to a primary that takes it--and now can see the PA. The one specialist I can still stand may be gone, though.

This is enough to make ya sick.

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