Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Yikes, deep frying turkey can be a hot time!

Guess what--there are more than double the number of home fires on T-Day as a normal day (US Fire Administration, whatever that is).

Splashes, spills, burns, cuts--it's not pretty in the kitchen. This according to a burn surgeon at Loyola.

Burn surgeon--shudder.

The new trend of deep frying turkeys has accounted for a rise in injuries. Plunging something heavy into boiling fat--what could go wrong?

Sometimes people even try to do this INDOORS!!! No no no no!

The turkey must be moisture free--meaning at very least, not still frozen.

One guy "basically fried himself," as he put it--spilling thirty quarts of hot oil on his leg. He tripped.

Also, $15 million in property damage is done by fryer accidents.

--Get a new fryer with a sealed lid.
--Keep the fryer in full view while in use.
--Keep it away from walls, fences etc
--Never use in a garage or under a carport.
--Never cook in short sleeves or with bare feet.
--Make sure the turkey is completely thawed. Be careful with marinades.
--Don't overfill--the oil can ignite if it overflows.
--Don't do this while drinking.

So the choice is yours--nice dinner or trip to the ER?

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