Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You don't need fancy software to have creative kids

Remember Baby Einstein--a popular set of games to enhance your youngster's intelligence? It was sort of pooh-poohed along the line. And it was spendy.

Now, Richard Hass, a visiting asst prof of psychology at Rowan University in New Jersey, has said that any activity can be a creative one--from making dinner to developing your career.

But, he adds, kids are not getting the right training to develop these processes. Only "gifted" children are considered eligible.

So what, as parent, can you do?

Try to take kids to museums, street fairs, cultural events--not just plop them in front of a video.

Play word games. Tell jokes.

Play UNO with your child--it requires adaptation to changing rules. Or work on a puzzle or collage with your kids.

Sometimes kids are only "creative" in one area--that's OK.

Acting or improv is fun for kids.

Encouraging "pretending" with toys.

Let kids fail sometimes--it's part of the creative process.

This isn't about raising a genius--it's about having fun, being interesting, learning, and feeling a sense of wonder and accomplishment.

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