Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Are you sick of the "deadly" holiday stories?

Every year, I obligingly remind you that you will be lucky to live through the hols.

Now, we are told that not only is this the most wonderful time of the year, it's the busiest for the Suffolk County Colunteer Firefighters Burn Center at Stony Brook University Hospital in NY.

(By the way, when I wrote about not putting wet turkey into a deep fat fryer, someone said it was OK if you dried it first--I am skeptical.)

At Christmas and the concurrent holidays, cooking is a rich source of burns. People are not used to cooking so many dishes at once and for so many people. It can get crazy. People are crowded in the kitchen--you are trying to dump boiling water or sizzling fat...and...

---Keep wooden utensils, towels, and packaging away from the stove top.

--Again, deep fry turkeys outdoors and don't overfill the fryer. Be super careful lowering in the bird.

--Keep children from reaching up to the stove or counter tops. Turn pan handles inside.

--Large dishes are heavier than you are used to--be careful removing them from the oven.

Christmas trees--formerly live ones--crisp up fast. Check for freshness before buying--the needles should resist pulling. Do not place it near the fireplace.

Also do not burn wrappings in the fire place. Never leave candles unattended--this happened to us--the side caved in, wax flowed, and my daughter's room was totaled. No candles or incense EVER in our house now.

Keep kids away from fireplaces.

Good grief, I am getting depressed. Please be safe! I need all my readers.

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