Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Baby steps diet

Notice I hardly ever write about "diets." By this I mean--the latest reducing brainstorm. In my very extensive experience, these don't last or don't work.

What if you had to make teeny changes only? David Zulberg, author of  THE 5 SKINNY HABITS, suggests:

Week 1. Replace on meal a day with a lighter meal--salad or cereal and milk, maybe eggs and toast.

Week 2. Replace your big meal with protein and veggies--you can have a glass of wine if you want.

Week 3. Eat your third meal as you normally would, proteins, grains. If you want seconds, veggies only.

Week 4. Ten minutes of cardio--3x a week.

Week 5. Replace snack with water, veggies, low-fat dairy or fruit.

He says this does not rule out food groups, teaches habit formation, and allows you to continue life with energy and well-being.

You decide. I just put this out there.

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