Friday, December 19, 2014

Dunno--would you give these gifts?

Debbie Jansky, assistant nurse manager, Home Health Services, at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, advises "assistive" gifts for the 133 million Americans with chronic conditions.

Some ideas she has:

Medication organizers--slots for pills for daily or weekly.

Pill cutters are good. I use my teeth--probably not such a hot idea.

Pill punch--gets into those hard plastic packaging shields.

ID bracelet or watch--gives important info, such as DIABETIC or ON BLOOD THINNERS.

Grabber--for long distance reaching.

Adjustable cane that folds down for pocket or purse.

Rollator--a luxurious (?) walker with a basket for shopping and a bench to sit on to rest.

And for the loo--hand held shower sprays, toilet seat benches, safety rails.

Most of these would freak me out--except a high toilet--those are great. I mean the whole toilet, not a thick seat perched on top.

Also--no scales. If you want to live.

You decide--would the person appreciate this or feel creaky and like a hot mess?

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