Monday, December 15, 2014

Feeling blue--instead of red and green?

It's almost a cliche--happy holiday, sad feelings.

Erika Saunders, MD, interim chair of psychiatry at Penn State Hershey, says there are signs to watch for.

--The inability to enjoy things others like.

--Feelings of hopelessness.

                                                      --Changes in sleep or appetite.

If this interferes with social functions, urge the person to get help.

But expressing sadness at this time of year does not necessarily mean a depressive disorder!

We tend to think of those we lost at holiday time. That's because we often saw that person only at the holidays--or they were their most memorable then.

Money woes surface at the hols..people want to separate and start the year fresh..all these can lead to depression.

The amount of sunlight also enters in--seasonal affective disorder.

Of course, the doctor advises talk with a doctor. If you think this is beyond you, do that. One thing that is not so great is to overdo the eggnog and alcohol--the self-med route.

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