Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Here are six baby things you can skip

Time was, all you needed to raise an infant was a crib, diapers, little onesies, and a kitchen sink for washing the tot.

No more! Now you "need" bouncies, swings, car seats that transform into heaven knows what, tricky slings, things that warm, things that cool...on and on.

Lisa Kaplan Gordon, creator of, has some ideas on things you do NOT need to get your own or anyone else's kid.

WIPE WARMER. This one keeps store-bought butt wipes warm. A room temp wipe is not exactly torture.

BABY DETERGENT. If you are so worried about sensitive skin, get any detergent that says free and clear.

BASSINET. This is usable for about a month, then the little bruiser will outgrow it.

BABY FOOD PROCESSOR. If you want to make baby food, use your Cuisinart or any other blender lying around.

EXPENSIVE BEDDING.  Forget those bumpers, kids get tangled. Now they even say forget blankets. I used to get blanker sleepers--feety jams in a fuzzy material--no blanket needed.

BABY BATHTUB. You don't even want to bathe a baby more than 3x a week. The sink works fine. Some bathtubs even go in the big tub--and may encourage you to leave the baby a sec to answer the phone. This is bad.

I would add--those in the doorway bouncy things--at least my daughter hated it and scowled with rage when strapped in the thing--Mom, what the heck?

I did like the towel with the little hoodie in the corner for bath time--nice little thing for their sopping little heads.

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