Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday foods that trigger migraines

A post I did once on migraines attracted the most views and comments ever. In eight years! Apparently many people around the world suffer from these beastly headaches.

The American Migraine Foundation's chair David W. Dodick, MD, is trying to help sufferers avoid trigger foods during the holidays.

These tips can be found at:

--Eat regularly--missing meals is a more common trigger than any particular food.

--Avoid eating within a few hours of bedtime and drinking caffeinated beverages after early afternoon.

--Keep a diary and see if you can identify your triggers--foods followed by a migraine at least half the time after your eat them. Avoid those foods.

--Red wine is a major trigger for many people--so choose white or another bev. Drink in moderation, anyway--dehydration is a trigger.

--Limit intake of processed foods high in sugar, caffeine and carbonation.

If you don't know your triggers, Dodick recommends eliminating red wine, processed meats, nuts, chocolate, aged cheese, monosodium glutamate, and gluten-containing foodsto see if you can cut your attacks.

That pretty much takes care of the buffet--but you may have a pain free holiday.

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