Monday, December 22, 2014

How would YOU frame your medical record?

This is a hot button issue with me. How I appear in writing--entombed forever, mistakes and all, in a paper file or database.

One hospital here pegged Mom as diabetic--this came up every time--she was not. They would not change it--they said we could put a minority opinion--but they would not take out something "a doctor" wrote. The doctor did not write this--some gal sat there in the ER and picked things from pulldown menus--I saw her do it, I was there. Mom was old, so hey, must be diabetic. Bam! Click!

Some office nurse once asked my sister how her COPD was--she never had that, not even a cough.

I am always being told "diabetics just get detached retinas"--I am not diabetic, either!

When I went to the ER with pneumonia (it turned out), they said maybe I had congestive heart failure--my own doc said I did not. But it's in there now. My insurance plan called--do you want to be in a special congestive heart failure management program. NO, I DO NOT.

Recently my sister was contacted by a company called INGAGE--they wanted her to fill out a long health questionnaire. She did it! Now I am sure this goes straight to the govt.

Would such an offer be a chance to start over and get all the mistakes (such as the COPD) out of the record? I don't know.

On the flip side--a recent study showed half of patients surveyed withheld sensitive info from their medical records (J of General Internal Med).

A hundred and five people were allowed to withhold certain info from certain providers. Sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, other mental health problems--were some of these. They could say which providers saw which.

They also allowed the providers to "break the glass" and get the info anyway.

So...what is the point?

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